Payment Terms

Your Search Engine Optimisation should never stop. It’s that constant trickle (or flood) of activity that keeps results heading in the right direction.

That’s why XP Web Services never stops either. We’ll work throughout the year – creating and adding new content here, tweaking your SEO there – to give your results momentum.

Which got us thinking… as our work is spread throughout the year, shouldn’t you be able to spread your payments throughout the year too?

Spread your payments (at no extra cost)
We’re so confident we’ll get you results that we’ll put our money where our mouth is. Take any search engine optmisation package from XP Web Services and you can pay monthly. No long contracts. No ties-ins. A campaign made to match your budget. And you’re free to go whenever you please with just one month’s notice.

Although given the results you’ll be getting, we don’t think you will.

XP Web Services, we make sure the world is watching…
No strings. No catches. No limited offers. Just real SEO from the team that really knows what it’s talking about. And is prepared to give you months to pay to prove it. All we ask is that you pay by Direct Debit with your first month in advance. Simple.