Pay Per Click

Take a look at a page of Google search results and you’ll see a few types of results returned. Usually, the ones at the very top – with ‘ad’ next to them – are PPC results.

Pay per click means what it says. Google puts your ad in a prominent position on its results pages and every time someone clicks on it, you pay a small amount. That can be a powerful tool in all sorts of ways:

  • You’ve just launched your business and organic SEO hasn’t had time to kick in yet
  • You’ve a new product or service to promote and you want to test the waters
  • You’ve got a specific or short-term campaign to promote

We can work on a fixed fee basis, so you always stay in control of your budget, or on a results basis – where you pay a base fee and we only earn more if we bring you better results. Either way, PPC with XP turns clicks into sales.