Why Do We Do It?

Years ago we were building a web business and couldn’t understand why we were nowhere on Google. That’s when we discovered it wasn’t enough to have a pretty website. You needed search engine optimisation to enable people to see it.

We tried an SEO company or two, but they didn’t seem to be doing very much. So, to check on their progress, we learnt the basics of search engine optimisation. Over time, we learnt far more than the basics. And then we realised that SEO seemed a lot more fun than what we had been doing, so we decided to do this instead. Years later, we think it helps that not so very long ago, we were almost exactly where you probably are now.

So when you call us and tell us you’ve already tried SEO and have had your fingers burnt. When you tell us you don’t understand all this stuff and that you just want someone to come in, do it and get results, we hear you – because we’ve been there too.

Now, we run seminars & workshops for local councils, universities and businesses to help people do their own SEO. And for everyone else who doesn’t have the time or knowledge to get their business up the Google rankings, well, we do it for you.